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Getting married (really) young…


Not sure how much my Kindergartener knows about getting married, let alone having a relationship with a girl. According to him, three of his friends have a crush on a girl in their class. Two of them tried kissing her and got in trouble. One of his friend didn’t try to kiss her like the other two, but declared that he will have a wedding to marry the girl.

My little guy had barely climbed in the car when I picked him up from school when he excitedly told me about how he was invited to his friend’s wedding. I wasn’t sure he said a birthday party or a wedding.

Him: Mom, I have to make wine for the wedding.

Me: Wedding? Ok, do you know how to make wine? because I don’t.

Him: Can you take me to the store to buy wine?

Um… I’m not sure where this is going. Let me go along with it and see.

Me: Sure! Do you have money?

Him: YES! I have a lot of money in my piggy bank. (mostly pennies:)

Me: Do you want to spend all your money for your friend’s wedding?

Him: Yes. I already told him that. (What a good friend!)

Me: Does the girl know about the wedding?”

Him: Not yet. (What?)

At this point I’m about to burst laughing out loud but tried not to hurt my little guy’s feelings. He is so excited to help his friend out. I would hate to pop his bubble by telling him about the boring grownup stuff that needs to get done before a wedding. It might be way over a Kindergartener’s head. 

I at least told him that they are not old enough to drink wine or get married anytime soon. He took it very seriously and said that he will have to remind his friend about that.


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It isn’t easy, and everyone in advertising knows of relationships that have broken down over this very issue.

This is Mike Howard of Arnold Worldwide in Boston.


Mike has a great and very personal article about this in Adweek. You’ll find it here. You should also scroll down for the comments at the end of the piece. Apart from the usual trolling, you’ll find some interesting discussion about whether a successful career in advertising is actually worth what it costs.

Thanks Mike for sharing this advice….

A good friend once shared a very simple piece of advice with me—her own personal key to happiness: Mind your own business. We’ve all got our own circumstances. Some you’ve chosen. Some you’ve been dealt. But none of them will stand up to the scrutiny of hypotheticals or comparisons. However you find success and happiness, given your circumstances—that’s your own business. Mind it well.

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Fountain of Youth

New research shows that coffee and other sources of caffeine can help you retain complex memories for up to 24 hours.

Brian Krans | Published on January 13, 2014


This is my fountain of youth that has been serving me for the last 10 years. I have been staying away from it for a few days, striving for healthier living in this new year.

There is conflicting evidence about the health benefits of coffee. I love coffee and would love to keep drinking it, especially if this new research is true that coffee can help me retain my memories at all, let alone complex ones. I’m not involved in any kind of mission-critical scientific experiment that could endanger the entire human race or anything, but having a better memory sounds good me.

I’m turning my fountain of youth back on this morning hoping to retain my memories well enough to make it through the day.

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Roasted Garbanzo-beans (Chickpeas)

I found a recipe at and tried making it the first time. It came out great! My kids love it and husband gives a thumbs up.


So yummy, addictive and explosive. Jaden, the recipe owner at www.steamykitchen is right. Don’t over do it unless you want to stock up GasX for a few days : )

It is a healthy snack with awesome Heath Benefits: Garbanzo beans provide energy, support digestive track, come with tons of antioxidants, can help lower cardiovascular risks and lower LDL-cholesterol.

I found great nutrition facts from these sites:

I nibbled it with chilled chardonnay at my reading time and LOVED it!



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